masquerade party

The mask is the basis of the event and must be worn all night long. It protects you and others from being recognized and opens up a world of new possibilities.

strict dresscode

Mask (can be bought at the entrance if needed), fetish, burlesque, fantasy, baroque, goth, cyber, 20ies, naked, black tie & definetely NO STREETWEAR, NO JEANS!

discretion please

What happens at ALTER EGO stays at ALTER EGO. NO PICTURES, NO MOVIES! Please let's keep it private. Ignoring this will result in suspension from the party.

playroom and toys

After passing the selector with a reasonable interest you can discover fetish furniture, cages, penal racks, beds, sling, and much more. Ask for whip, cane or gloves.

wardrobe included

Next to the wardrobe is the changing room to check the perfect fit of your look in a large mirror. To free your hands, we take care of your phone, wardrobe and bag without any charge.


open your mind

No matter what is happening around you - no matter how new or strange for you - see it as an opportunity to experience the diversity in all its splendour.

respect each other

Keep your distance, be polite and considerate. NO is NO! The choice of words and means distinguishes decent from indecent people.

safer sex only

We want all guests to have safer sex and encourage this through free dispensing of condoms, lubricants and gloves, disinfectant is also provided.

all gender welcome

Respects all legitimate sexual orientations. Sexuality is a spectrum and in nature diversity is the norm. Different sexual orientations are therefore normal and natural.

religion is like a penis

It's okay to have one. It's okay to be proud of it. HOWEVER, do not pull it out in public. Do not push it on children. Do not write laws with it. Do not think with it.


Boundless? almost!

Despite all hedonism, you should consider your personal limits. Alcohol and drugs are not good advisors when it comes to explore something new.

delicious drinks

Sophisticated bartending with the attention on details and high-quality drinks mixed by charismatic bartenders is our standard.

flowers 'n fruits

Fragrances are like souls of flowers - you can feel them, even in the darkness. You'll find fresh flowers and a selection of fruits at our bars.

high class service

We fill our event with professional staff, because we know that a strong team means that our guests are well prepared for an unforgettable night.

see and be seen

ALTER EGO is not a red carpet, not a catwalk of vanity. It is the possibility to experience something new under the protection of the mask. Enjoy and beware, so are we.