In 2010 we took the fetish out of the dirty underground, mixed it with electronic music, added a pinch of art and hedonism to create a high-class masquerade ball in a very stylish ambience. By now ALTER EGO is one of the most notorious playgrounds for stylish adult entertainment in Berlin.

alter ego

Dress in style for a masquerade ball at the historic Gendarmenmarkt beneath the HILTON Hotel in the BRICKS Club. You can just dance to great music and have fun all night long, or if you want to experience more, check in the playroom, and discover your fantasy.

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For those who would like to present their ALTER EGO in a more exclusive and private way, we recommend the new SUPERB version. The strict limitation of guest numbers ensures a very private environment.

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You can get your ticket in advance at the Schwarzer Reiter Store in Berlin or simply at the box office.

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Check out the basics and what has fascinated many people for years.